This will be a list of clothes that Winnie has talked about wearing, having, or wanting.



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  • McDonalds Shirt with a Big Mac on the front
  • Orange Sunkist Shirt
  • White Shirt with a Butterfly on the front
  • Atlanta Braves T-Shirt
  • Midnight Blue T-shirt
  • Light Blue Button Down - (Hand me down from Sandra)
  • Witch costume for Halloween
  • Lime Green Button Down Top
  • Carpenter Jeans and Courderoy pants
  • Thanksgiving outfit: Black Corduroy Skirt, Soft White Cardigan, Ring with Blue/Green Stone
  • Valentine's Day outfit: Phantom of the Opera shirt


  • Lemon Yellow Ballerina Skirt
  • Black Tank Top
  • White T-Shirt
  • White Button Down
  • Tiny Gold Flower Earrings with Blue Stones in the middle
  • White dress for Graduation
  • White Sandals with Blue Dragonflies
  • Devil Costume for Halloween
  • Blue Sweatpants
  • Silky Purple Underwear
  • Pj's from Old Navy
  • Red White and Blue One Piece Bikini
  • Levi's Jeans (Hand me down from Sandra)
  • Gray T-Shirt with a Hot Pink Star