"So, do you have a name?"
— Cinnamon to Winnie in Twelve, page 98
Cinnamon Meyers is the main tritagonist in the Winnie Years books by Lauren Myracle. With hermedium-length curly brown hair and light tan skin with bright green eyes and long lashes, she is Winnie and Dinah's best friend. She has an older brother named Carl Meyers who is in university. In Thirteen, she dated a guy named Bryce who was Lars' (Winnie's boyfriend) best friend. In Thirteen Plus One, her boyfriend is a guy named James

Cinnamon does not appear in Eleven.


Cinnamon is very close with both Winnie and Dinah, even though she nearly caused their relationship to break when they gossip about Dinah on the phone a day after school in Febuary in Twelve, Dinah having interrupted a conversation between Winnie and Lars, a cute guy Winnie had a crush on, Winnie then upset, causing Cinnamon to have a three-way call with them, Winnie without realizing that Dinah was on the phone with them. Dinah eventually forgives her and Cinnamon, and Cinnamon apoligizes. Even though she usually teases Dinah without knowing she`s hurting her feelings, she is a good friend, having Dinah helped find a turtle-rescue camp in Thirteen Plus One when Dinah`s father wanted her to go to leadership camp. She is also a good friend to Winnie, "protecting" her from Lars when their relationship got rough.


Cinnamon does not appear in March.


Cinnamon does not appear in April.


Cinnamon does not appear in May.


Cinnamon does not appear in June.


Cinnamon does not appear in July.


Cinnamon does not appear in August.


Cinnamon is first introduced in this chapter.

While Winnie is in gym class, she can't find a partner because someone called Dinah a B-Word, so she stayed home "sick." While Winnie is fantasizing about having a sign taped to her back saying that she's a loser. Cinnamon comes over and asks to be Winnie's partner, and Winnie accepts. Cinnamon does 53 sit-ups, while Winnie does 60. Cinnamon does not seem jealous about this.

While the gym class is doing laps, Cinnamon catches up with Winnie and starts to talk to her. Winnie wonders why Cinnamon is choosing to talk to her when she already knows most of the people. Cinnamon tells Winnie about her step-mom who always looks into used tissues to see if they used the entire tissue. Winnie asks Cinnamon if she knows Malena, and Cinnamon says that she isn't a nice person, and tries to make you feel down if you're not good at some stuff. Winnie says that there was a girl in her school like that, with the name of Gail Grayson.

Winnie thinks that Cinnamon acts older than most of her elementary-school friends and she wore thong underwear, which she saw while she was pulling up her jeans.

The next day, Winnie introduces Cinnamon to Dinah. The three friends have a blast playing battle ball and 'barking like dogs'. After gym class, Cinnamon starts a conversation about not wearing make-up. Cinnamon says that she only wears make-up sometimes when Dinah asked her if she did. Cinnamon said that she powders her nose of it gets shiny, and sometimes adds sparkle dust on her cheeks. Cinnamon states that she doesn't care about what she looks like and she doesn't worry about boys. The three friends give a triple high-five, and Cinnamon is not seen in the chapter after this.


She dresses up as a pirate and calls Winnie sexy.


She feels bad for Winnie when she gets her period.


She spends Christmas Eve with the Perrys. She helps decorate their tree and spends time talking with Winnie. They also eat fudge, where Mrs. Perry insists that Cinnamon should take some home, and since she loves fudge, she agrees.


She and Winnie got to Louise's pool party. She teaches Winnie how to do a flip off the high dive. Dinah wasn't invited, unfortunately, so she and Winnie hung out.


Cinnamon does a three-way call to Winnie and Dinah, but she doesn't tell Winnie that she had called Dinah also, and without even knowing that Dinah was there, Winnie trash-talks about Dinah, revealing her true feelings, but in return, she received the silent treatment from Dinah and feels super bad about it.


Cinnamon and Winnie and Dinah all get makeovers at the mall.

Thirteen Plus OneEdit

Winnie and Dinah go to a turtle camp in Debordeu and (spoiler alert!) Cinnamon comes as a surprise

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